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The hunt for magic and reason

Gary Geuter


Life borders on fiction in thisdaring and true story of secretly videotaping Carlos Castaneda, one of the mostreclusive writers of the sixties. With over 120 previously unpublishedphotographs and other archival material, this unauthorized first-hand accountallows a rare glimpse into the controversial world of Castaneda.

It adds themissing face to the man that managed to stay in the shadows for over fortyyears.?When the self-proclaimed sorcerer slips intoGaby Geuter?s life, she suddenly believes herself tobe at the gateway of knowledge. Tentatively she follows a trail of magicalbreadcrumbs that begins in private classes and public seminars, but eventuallyleads her to tracking the master to his home. In a twist of irony the teacherbecomes the subject of his own teachings and Gaby the unintentional witness tothe last years of Castaneda?s life.

In the sobering months of his ingloriousend, the author discovers that all along, the answers to her lifelong searchwere inside of her.Call it a poignant memoir, asuspenseful novel, a poetic tribute to the mysterious man, or a spiritualdetective story, ultimately it is the ballad of one woman?s bold quest offinding the road home.


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